Arcola Mills is the most important preserved natural and historic site on the St. Croix River

Arcola Mills is the premier historic and natural area in the St. Croix River Valley. The 55 acre site, its riverfront, stream and historic buildings are held in trust by the Arcola Mills Historic Foundation (501(c) 3) for its preservation and for the commnity. Our goal is to foster stewardship in our communities.

Arcola has prehistoric roots traced to its ancient use by native people who were drawn there by the river, the streams and springs. Because of the lumber mill built there in the mid 1800s, it became a hub from which lumber was supplied to build Minnesota and eastern Wisconsin. A village and the mill owner's 1847 mansion were built there as well.

Our goal is to foster an understanding of and engagement in stewardship. Arcola Mills is working to build the spirit and skills of stewardship throughout our communities through education, volunteerism, leadership and giving.

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Images courtesy of Karen Eckman.

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