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ARC: Where healers come for healing, peacemakers find peace and caregivers are cared for. We provide renewal for those who repair the world.

At ARC, Action, Reflection and Celebration come together to nurture the life of the spirit in people who look inward for health in body and soul while reaching outward to foster positive change in the world. ARC means silence in a deafening world, serenity in an overcharged society, wholeness in a fractured life. 

ARC is a welcoming place when everyday life becomes too much. An opportunity to listen to the soft whispers of your soul when the noise of the world threatens to drown them out. A retreat to the woods, where the music of the trees invites your hopes to dance again. We are here to welcome you home, to nourish your mind, body and soul with quiet contemplation, homemade meals and valued conversations. ARC's intentional community members offer their lives in service and hold the sacred space for guests to reflect, renew and heal.
Everything we do at ARC is only possible through donor's strong commitment to ARC's vision and vibrant spiritual community.
Donations support 30% of the ARC operating budget and the full cost of building renovations and maintenance expenses. Donations allow ARC to keep prices low and to offer additional discounts to individuals in need and non-profit organizations who would otherwise not have access to ARC including people who are homeless, recovering from addiction, or otherwise marginalized. Our partnership with Healing of Memories provides trauma recovery for groups every year.
We invite you to consider:
  • A gift for scholarship support of those retreat guests who are struggling financially
  • A special facilities gift to ensure the ARC lodge is strong and sturdy
  • A donation to help ARC retire its kitchen capital campaign

Recent guests have commented: 

  • "Thank you, ARC, for this magical, life-changing place.  And thank you for opening your arms to all people and allowing them to just be.  It makes all the difference in the world."
  • "This place is completely tranquil and consistent.  A place of love, peace and company.  After spending time here, I feel emotionally and physically uplifted, ready to further continue on my travels and ordeals of life."
  • "This place has brought me such peace and serenity."  
  • "I am thankful that I know there is a place of respite where I can come and find guidance for my life." 
  • "Unbelievable joy and goodness fill my soul when I am here. ARC is a true gem and anchors me, giving me hope and blessings." 
  • "The extravagant welcome and authentic spirit of all at the ARC restore and feed me on my journey."

Your financial support is crucial to the preservation of this sacred space. We value every gift, regardless of size.  Thank you for your donation to ARC!

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