Your donation will support the Animal Allies Humane Society's Adoption, Spay & Neuter, and Humane Education programs.

Animal Allies Humane Society Muriel Whiteside Animal Shelter is a 501c3 Non-Profit organization in Duluth, MN. 

It all started in the 1950's when a box of kittens was discovered abandoned and alone in Miriam Carlstedt's driveway.  Miriam ( a local Duluth educator ) and her friends launched a campaign to help homeless pets by rehoming them through newspaper ads, eventually growing beyond the capacity of their homes.  Animal Allies Humane Society was established in 1957, and articles of incorporation were filed in October of 1958 making Animal Allies an official 501c3 non profit organization. Today, Animal Allies is one of the premier animal sheltering facilities in the upper midwest.  

Your financial gift today provides a reliable source of funding to support Animal Allies' programming and essential needs for homeless pets. Including basics like food and shelter, and specialty care like medical treatment(s) and behavioral training for pets in need. 

Thank you for supporting Animal Allies' programming.

Mission Statement

Animal Allies Humane Society strives to ensure a loving home for every pet.

Vision Statement

Animal Allies Humane Society recognizes the importance of pets in people’s lives and is guided by a humane ethic to serve the community through:

• Educating the public about humane treatment and responsible guardianship of companion animals.

• Reducing overpopulation by altering all animals who are in our care.

• Intervening to help animals overcome medical and behavioral issues.

• Providing safe, temporary care for animals while they are readied for adoption.

• Providing people the opportunity to invite pets into their lives.

• Saving lives by transporting animals from shelters that are overcrowded.

• Contributing to our community by engaging with students at all levels, the elderly and others to share the importance of the relationship of animals to society.

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