Support Indigenous Peoples' Education & Empowerment

The Indigenous community now finds itself at the forefront of an unprecedented moment in our collective history. Our people are leading the way regarding protecting our natural resources and water, asserting the sovereignty of our tribal homelands against intrusion by government and private interests. 

We are also leading by example as to how a community can empower itself through culturally appropriate education and innovative workforce development programming. For the American Indian people to continue addressing these challenges, engagement and support from all communities is imperative.

The American Indian OIC's programming supports the obtainment of high school diplomas, job training and career placement, or seeking higher wages and career advancement, the American Indian OIC and its programming has well-served our people with a variety of programming designed to empower the individual so that they might thrive.

While we are hard at work helping each individual American Indian, there is still work to be done. As of 2014, the median household income for American Indians in the Twin Cities was $36,919, while the the total median household income in the Twin Cities was $68,055. In order to create financial stability for generations, we must create a pathway that allows for long-term success. At the American Indian OIC, the road to joining the middle class is made simple, but helping everyone achieve it will take work. 

That is where you come in. Join our community of neighbors, family, friends and allies who believe that success for a select few is success for no one. Help us lift American Indians to the standard of living they are capable of, and provide momentum for the next generation to live an even better life.

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