Ally People Solutions

ALLY People Solutions supports people with disabilities to become more independent and active members of our communities.

Since 1965, ALLY People Solutions has assisted people with disabilities reach their goals with creative, individualized solutions. Working collaboratively with disability specialists and local businesses, we provide flexible and innovative services as well as employment opportunities that address the challenges faced by our consumers. We are dedicated to partnerships, passionate about people and focused on results.

People,who have disabilities and their loved ones have called on us for the past 50 years to provide premium care, life skills support and employment opportunities. ALLY People Solutions has the highest standards for providing quality care and training services and has adapted over the years to meet the ever-changing needs of individuals.

ALLY is committed to your success and offers an array of services designed to meet individual needs, interest and desires. Meaningful work is important for all of us. ALLY is a partner for c to make that dream a reality.  For those seeking work, we ensure they are paid a fair wage for their efforts-minimum to prevailing wages for all, regardless of the type of work performed, where it occurs or who the employer is. 

We also recognize that work is just one part of a person's life.  We offer other services designed to assist people in living full and active lifestyles. These options include Personal Empowerment Training; Self-advocacy; Transportation; Volunteerism and Community Engagement. We are your ALLY!


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