Help Us Reach Our Fundraising Goal! Every Gift Counts!

 Afton Museum continues to seek donations for New Front Doors. Please help us reach our goal of $10,000!

The Afton Museum is located within the former Congregational church, built in 1868, in the historic Village of Afton. Since opening our doors in 1985, over 10,000 historic items have been protected and the museum has become a gathering spot for visitors young and old. Membership dues and donations are the main source of funding for operating the museum. 

In order to continue preserving and sharing our cultural and historic resources, We Need Your Help!  

  • "Volunteering at the museum has given me connection to my community. Feeling like part of a team has grounded me and helped me feel more at home, more rooted. It's provided an opportunity to meet new friends, utilize my creativity and desire to give back." Sandi Alexander, Museum Board Member 

Discover Your History The museum has an outstanding collection of historic documents, including Afton's original map on silk, diaries from early residents, business ledgers, burial information, photographs, property and family histories. Artifacts include historic farming implements, civil war memorabilia and Afton's first post office counter. Notable displays like "Wedding Dresses Through the Ages" have garnered rave reviews. 

  • "While researching for my master's thesis, museum staff were incredibly helpful. I was impressed by the number and quality of primary resources available." LeslieThomas, MSc University of Edinburgh & Museum VIce President

Its All About Connections Whether it's working with our Collections Manager to research property history, discover Minnesota and US history, or decorate 100’s of pumpkins; Afton Museum is a place where people connect and discover. Popular events attract visitors who return each year, and fun for every age. 

  • “As a parent with young children, the museum holiday event is a unique opportunity. Engaging with volunteers making old-fashioned ornaments, takes kids back in time and lets me show them a sense of history. It's hard to find fun and educational places that are free and open to the public. The Museum provides that experience.” Steve Dorgan, Museum Supporter

Beyond the Museum Doors: The museum staff has diligently worked to insure donated historic items will be around for future generations to appreciate. Our staff receives training in artifact care and preserving techniques. We've made significant progress in this effort.  But have one last step to go!  To create the environment necessary to properly house our collections, we need to replace our current doors. This upgrade will provide many benefits for the museum:

  • Eliminate temperature and humidity changes that can damage artifacts
  • Improve inside environment for staff, volunteers and visitors
  • Increase the museum's overall energy efficiency
  • Improve museum asthetics and visibility by creating a more welcoming entrance

THANK YOU for your kind consideration and we hope to see you at the museum! For more information follow us on Facebook or visit our website.

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