The goal of A Place For You is to connect residents with needed community resources and empower them to meet the goal of being stably housed

A Place For You (APFY) is a safe place for people in distress that provides for basic needs and offers resources to provide life changing alternatives while respecting the inherent goodness and dignity of each individual.  

Each resident of the shelter is given the time and attention to make a plan that reflects their personal goals and circumstances.  Whether they are looking for employment, educational opportunities, treatment options, or just in search of affordable housing, the staff of APFY works with the residents to find needed resources and answers to the challenges they are experiencing. 

A resident is eligible to stay at the shelter for up to 90 days.  During that time they must be actively participating in shelter activities, remain clean and sober, and be working to accomplish the goals of their individual plan to stay at the shelter.  

Residents are up and out of their rooms by 8 am daily and are assigned chores at the shelter that must be completed on a daily basis.  Each resident is breathalyzed daily and are subject to random drug tests throughout their stay.  Residents may stay at the shelter during the day but, must be working on their case plans during this time.  A Place For You provides transportation to job interviews and will work with residents to assist with transportation needs, within a limited distance from the shelter, until they are able to find transportation of their own. 

APFY is also working to set shelter residents up with mentors in the community that they are hoping to move to.  This relationship begins while the resident is staying at the shelter and continues after they move back into the community.  The mentor works with the resident to establish community connects and become an active part of their new community.  They are also part of a support system for the resident to reach out to in times of stress and when they need to bounce ideas off another person.  Mentor/mentee relationships are in place for one year.  


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