The Enitan Story

The mission of The Enitan is to advocate for victims and empower survivors of human trafficking and domestic abuse.

EIN: 463503055

The name Enitan means someone with a story or history. It is pronounced as any-ton. Incorporated in August of 2013, The Enitan Story (Enitan) raises awareness of human trafficking and works to change trafficked victims’ stories of trauma and exploitation into success through community education, direct services, and referrals. The program focuses particularly on domestic and foreign born victims of human trafficking and domestic abuse. 

Enitan’s overall mission is to build communities of support and empower survivors of human trafficking and domestic abuse so that they can in turn give back to their communities.  Building on her own experience as a survivor of trafficking and domestic abuse, Enitan’s Director, Bukola Oriola, its trustees and volunteers have established a long-term program plan that includes: 

·         Educating communities in understanding and identifying trafficking;

·         Delivering multi-media outreach to victims to help them identify their situation and take action;

·         Providing initial support to maneuver through unfamiliar legal, financial and social systems to help move them from victims to successful survivors;

·         Providing cultural and liaison support for survivors and organizations seeking to meet survivors’ needs;

·         Establishing a network of linkages with local, national, and international organizations that advocate for and assist those trafficked;

·         Maintaining a database of resources to better assist victims;

·         Providing short term emergency grants to survivors as they begin to establish themselves independently, bridging financial gaps as they seek necessary medical and psychological help; arranging legal advocacy; finding initial housing, food and schools for children; and awaiting extended processing decisions for government and limited non-profit programs, which they find difficult and sometimes ineligible for. 

Enitan operates on both a local and national level.  In its first year of operation, the major focus was on awareness raising through educational presentations to schools and groups throughout the greater metropolitan Twin Cities area. Through its television and on-line broadcasts of the Imprisoned Show (, Enitan is able to reach out globally to victims, students, community members and service providers. In fact, Imprisoned Show was documented as one of President Obama's accomplishments in combating human trafficking in 2013.

Enitan staff also provides limited counseling, small emergency grants, and medical or legal referrals to victims both locally and nationally, and particularly with African women and young girls who generally do not feel comfortable calling the existing trafficking hotlines for assistance.  During its first year of operation, Enitan provided direct support and referral services to 16 survivors, 14 of whom were foreign-born Africans.   

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