Providing low cost spay/neuter service in Northern Minnesota

Pet Fixers -Spay Neuter Assistance Program was founded July 2012 with the purpose of educating and helping qualifying low income pet owners by providing low cost spay and neuter services for their pets. Our belief is the only humane way to prevent unwanted pets is through sterilization.
Pet Fixers Spay Neuter Assistance Program Has Provided Assistance to 3,012  Animals
December 2012- November 2017

Female Cats Spayed 1244   Male Cats Neutered 714  
Female Dogs Spayed 678   Male Dogs Neutered 463      Rabbits 28

We made the huge leap of purchasing our own equipment in 2017 and striking out as own own veterinary service. It has been a very labor intensive but rewarding time for all of us. We just finished our last clinic of 2017 with 76 animals receiving services in two days. It was our biggest clinic, and we have honed our procedures and have everything in place and the clinic went very well. Our first year saw us spay and neuter 469 animals. They came primarily from Itasca, Polk, Cass, Clearwater, Lake of the Woods, Roseau. Beltrami, Hubbard. Pennington, and Mahnomen counties, but nobody who qualified was turned away if they could make the drive to our clinic.

Pet owners pay $50 for dogs under 80# and $75/ $90 for dogs 80# and over. Cats, regardless of sex, are $40. All animals receive their core vaccines as a part of that cost. 

Actual cost of surgeries- 

Subsidy does not include the cost of vaccines which are provided at no additional charge.

Dog Spay over 50#     $125  ($35-$75 subsidy by Pet Fixers)

Dog Spay under 50#   $100   ($50 subsidy by Pet Fixers)

Dog Neuter over 50#     $85   ($10- $35 subsidy by Pet Fixers)

Dog Neuter under 50#   $80   ($30 subsidy by Pet Fixers)

Cat Spay  $70   ($30 subsidy by Pet Fixers)

Cat Neuter  $65  ($25 subsidy by Pet Fixers)

From some of our clients:

" I am so happy I heard about this program. I am a Senior and live on a very fixed income. This is so awesome to have something to help us have a pet. I am a cat person and love them. Thank you so much!"

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in this program. My two barn kittens will have a much happier, healthier life and I won't have to worry about bringing more cats into the world!"

"I couldn't have done it without you guys!"

"Thank you so much for providing a low cost program! Peppy and Halo thank you too!"

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