Our Families Love ECFE and Want to Help it Grow Even Stronger!

Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) is completely unique to Minnesota - no other state in the nation has a state-wide program like ECFE! ECFE supports families of all types and backgrounds, regardless of income, ethnicity, or education level. The program is designed to not only support the growth and development of children from birth through kindergarten, but also to support parents and caregivers throughout their child's most-critical developmental years.

The South Minneapolis Parent Advisory Council (PAC) supports ECFE in a variety of ways.
  • Raise money for the South Minneapolis ECFE program - over $1,200 last year was given to our South Minneapolis ECFE classrooms! 
  • Increase awareness for families that might not know about ECFE yet. 
  • Advocate on behalf of ECFE within Minneapolis Public Schools, and at the State Legislature. 
  • Organize informative and fun events, like Preschool Info Fairs, Children’s Book Author Fairs, and Parenting Expert Guest Speakers. 
  • Work with the administration to make ECFE even better. 
The South Minneapolis PAC uses its funds to support ECFE classrooms and families in a variety of ways.
  • Provide funding for new classroom materials and activities -- We have helped to fund indoor climbing structures in our classrooms which promote gross motor development, and new books for use during whole-group and parent-child activities to promote early literacy skills in younger learners.
  • Continuing annual events and adding new events -- Our events are designed to be informative to caregivers, supportive to families, help strengthen the ECFE community, and be fun! Every year the South Minneapolis PAC hosts a preschool fair to help families navigate the next stage of their child's education. Our author fair last year gave families the chance to interact with authors of children's books and engage in early literacy activities. With sufficient funding, we would be able to build upon previous traditions such as hosting expert guest speakers in the domains of sleep, nutrition, and child development.
  • Supporting Minneapolis ECFE's sister programs - The South Minneapolis PAC supports other Minneapolis Public Schools early childhood programs like the Teen Parents program. We conduct diaper drives and provide at-home learning activities to teen parents and their children.
ECFE is a unique program that not only promotes positive growth and change within a young child's social, emotional, and cognitive development, but also provides parents with added support structures and instills a greater understanding of a child's development and individual differences.

The South Minneapolis PAC is always interested in new ideas for how we can do more to support ECFE in South Minneapolis, and we’d love your support!

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