St. Joseph's School of Music

Our welcoming community and faculty of teaching artists nurture the joy of learning music in people of all ages, abilities, and aspirations.

Give to what you love - Music.  Education.  And a strong, inclusive community.  

When you make a gift to St. Joseph’s School of Music, you give students of all ages, backgrounds, interests, and financial circumstances the opportunity to share in the joy of musical expression. Students’ lives change from the new confidence instilled by achieving goals, from their growing ability to communicate and express themselves through music, and from being a part of a nurturing community sharing the common human heritage of music-making.  Whether a kindergartener or a retiree, all of our students benefit from a music education.

At St. Joseph's School of Music, we know that everyone should have a chance to flourish.
Help make this possible by making a donation that will support our key priorities of scholarships and outreach, as well as a high caliber faculty, and performance opportunities.

So give to what you love today and help support music education for your community.

Thank you for your support of St. Joseph’s School of Music – we are so grateful for your generosity today and everyday.

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