Community Reporter -Building A Strong Future for Strong Communities

Community Reporter -Building A Strong Future for Strong Communities

The Community Reporter’s mission goes well beyond the core mission of reporting news which impacts the community. Born in the 1970s out of a number of West Seventh St. organizations desire to effectively communicate with area residents, the Community Reporter sees itself as a vehicle for and agent of community building in St. Paul. In any given issue one might find the following:

  • Columns by local residents bringing a down to earth perspective from the neighborhood. 
  • Vital health information through a partnership with United Family Medicine.
  • Updates on city and community plans from the West Seventh Federation, City Council Members and County Commissioners.
  • Artist Profiles and articles covering a range arts and culture, including galleries, music, theater, reviews of books by community writers, film, theater, exhibits and public events.
  • Youth Writing with poetry and essays from students from grades 5 & 6 through senior high school.
  • Whole Wide World a feature column from the West Seventh Branch, St. Paul Public Library.
  • Feature Articles on new and developing businesses, community agencies and services, textured looks at neighborhood history.
  • Community Voice through opinion pieces, essays, & community.
  • Community Connection through the creation of a dynamic,  interactive, community friendly web site, weaving together diverse interests and needs for all ages, cultural, religious and social backgrounds.

 By Supporting the Community Reporter you are helping build a community in which coalitions of neighbors, for profit and nonprofit businesses, congregations and organizations can step out of silos and work collaboratively to strengthen the city and neighborhoods we so greatly value. By supporting the Community Reporter you are building community.


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