MCCH is a place where dreams and needs come true!!!!!!!!

MCCH is a non-profit private corporation that serves adults and children with intellectual disabilities, both mental and physical. We pride ourselves on providing quality care!  We provide housing and also send staff in to give relief to caretakers in programming areas in their private homes. We are passionate about what we do.  When we solicit donations it is to help our clients with needs but also to help them realize individual dreams. One young man who resides in one of our houses, looks forward to being able to attend a TWINS game once a year. Your donations make this possible!! Another gal had a need for specialized shoes which were very expensive. Our generous donors helped her meet her need. Our Board of Directors is committed to quality of care.  Our clients are the most vulnerable adults and children in MN.  Thank you for considering us as you make your decision on what charitable organization to support!!!!
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