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Lives are changed at camp!

2017 Give to the Max Day
If the walls of the Inspiration Point gymnasium could talk, just imagine the stories they would share! Epic dodgeball battles, countless half-court shots, volleyball tournament upsets and comebacks, and all the hours of laughter and play. More importantly, imagine all the meaningful conversations that have been had along the sidelines! Imagine the countless kids who heard about Jesus for the first time while shooting hoops with their counselor. The gym at Inspiration Point is more than an activity area.  It’s an epicenter for ministry! 

Since it was built in 1995, the gym has served as a place for kids to play, laugh and have conversations that count. After 22 years and thousands of dodgeball, volleyball, and basketball games, the gym is certainly due for some updates. Would you consider giving a gift of $25, $50, $100, or more, to ensure that campers and guests can continue to use and enjoy the gym for years to come? Every single dollar given to Inspiration Point on Give to the Max Day will help update the gym and replace worn-out equipment.  Thank you!

2017 Give to the Max Day goal: $8,000


Jason came to camp on a scholarship. His face lit up as he walked through the office door. Jason loves it here. Camp is the one place he feels safe.

Along with his mom and little sister, Jason lives in a tiny house in a small town in western Minnesota. He is a shy 12 year-old boy who speaks with a slight speech impediment.  What he lacks in social skills, Jason makes up for with a tender and caring personality. He has a lot of hurt in his life, but at first glance you wouldn’t know it because of a sweet, enduring smile that stretches from ear to ear.  

Jason is used to being bullied, picked on, and left out, but at Inspiration Point Jason doesn’t have to worry about it. At camp, Jason gets to hear that he is loved and valued by God. This past summer, his counselor and cabin mates got to show him what that love looks like. On the last night, his counselor did cabin affirmations and each of the other seven guys complimented Jason. He was beaming! For Jason, this doesn’t happen anywhere else. 

Jason left camp this summer with a new found confidence, a few more friends, and knowing that he is loved and valued by God. For Jason and thousands of other kids, Inspiration Point is a safe place to let down walls, ask hard questions, and learn about the love of Jesus Christ. 


To create an environment for God to meet individual needs.  

  • Christ-focused experiences 
  • Remaining anchored in God's Word
  • Valuing what God values
  • Doing all things in an unparalleled manner



Inspiration Point also offers its own scheduled events including summer youth and family camps, retreats, seminars, and the Christ Hike passion play. 


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