Cooperative Development Fund of CDS

Where Cooperation is at Work, Communities Prosper!

CDS's mission is to create a cooperative economy in the Upper Midwest; we achieve that by educating about cooperatives, providing guidance to start new cooperatives, and by helping existing cooperatives grow.  Our work involves direct delivery of start-up counseling and business analysis; we also connect our clients to resources through networking, referral and grant writing.

Cooperatives are businesses owned and governed by the people they serve, and are based on internationally recognized principles and values. Linking business ownership and use and governed on a one member-one vote basis, co-ops create generative economies that balance the extractive nature of other business paradigms. Co-ops are particularly good strategies for issues of community development, but while there are modest federal funds available for work in rural communities, there are no state or federal programs to fund cooperative development in urban communities.  For this work we are entirely reliant on charitable contributions from individuals and co-ops and occasional foundation grants. 

In 2017 we will use Give to the Max donations to support our work with urban cooperatives and start ups, directly delivering early-stage assistance to new cooperatives, particularly focusing on worker-owned co-ops.  This year all contributions will be matched dollar for dollar up to $3,000!

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