Bringing Hope to Life on Both Sides of the Curtain

Welcome to Reign Dance Theater! We invite you to join us in bringing a message of hope to this generation through the arts! --- hope to students longing to dance who might not otherwise have the opportunity. --- hope to parents committed to their students learning and performing in a positive, family-friendly atmosphere that encourages godly character and moral purity. --- hope to all who are inspired, challenged, and encouraged by the life-changing message of Jesus Christ in our theatrical productions. --- hope to supporters of Christian values in the arts who desire to make a difference in lives that could last forever! We hope you join us! Reign Dance Theater provides a refreshingly positive dance experience in classical ballet training for ages 5 through adult, including disciplines of barre exercise, muscle strengthening, stretching, classical technique and choreography, combined with the excitement and opportunity of theatrical performance. We desire that no one miss that opportunity for financial reasons. Every year we are touched by the hearts of students desiring to dance in our program, but lacking the resources to train -- apart from the investment of people like you! We've had students who have lost parents, students whose parents have lost jobs, students whose families have suffered tragic events, and one homeless young girl who had been living under bridges with her mother --- each with a deep desire to dance -- and each needing hope and encouragement to make it through a time of intense difficulty in their lives. If you could see as we do the faces of each one who's been blessed with the incredible gift of hope a student sponsorship brings during a time when their lives hurt and if you could know firsthand the difference it makes for them, your hearts would soar as ours do and you would say to anyone able to help another: "Please help us give that hope!", and to everyone who gives to make that hope possible: "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! with all our hearts! May God bless and refresh you for your blessing! You've made a difference in a life that will never be forgotten!" You can join us today in giving hope to students through the Reign Dance Theater "Student Sponsorship Fund". Our goal for the GiveMN campaign this year is to raise a foundation of $12,000/year to offer hope to students who would not otherwise have an opportunity to dance through their pain to praise His Name!.    Please join us today in bringing hope to life through the arts!!!

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