Your help is needed to preserve the history of Minnesota's Iron Ranges.

Future generations will be grateful for the help you give the Society now. No funding, including tax dollars, is received from any governmental body or historical society. All of the work done at the Society is volunteer-based and all the funds received at the Society are given by members, businesses, and generous donors like you. Please consider helping continue the Society's mission of preserving the history of Minnesota's Iron Ranges for future generations.

Research library used by many
More than 50 books contain acknowledgements to the Iron Range Historical Society by their authors. The most recent include Mary Lou Nemanic’s One Day for Democracy; John Leopard’s DM&IR Railroad; Tom Phillipich’s 1951 Basketball Buccaneers; Marvin Lamppa’s Iron Country; Stephen Ivancic’s The Incident at the Bruce Shaft; Megan Marsnik’s Under Ground and Kenneth Ringer’s Gene Lorendo.
In addition, the Society publishes an Iron Range book yearly. Books previously published and currently for sale include: Iron Range Firsts, Iron Range Ghost Towns, Iron Range Architecture, Mining Machines, Iron Range Ghost Locations, Historic Commercial & Emergency Vehicles, Iron Range Beauty, Food & Farming, Logging and Lumbering, and Historic Slavic Music. These books are the Society's main fundraiser. Most of the information contained in these books comes from the Society's research and photo libraries.

20,000 + photographs
There are 85 photo albums holding over 20,000 photographs (most of them original) of range cities, schools, mines, logging, and transportation available at the Society.

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