Support 728 Cadets Marching Arts - including 728 Cadets Marching Band, River Valley Percussion Theatre, Winter Guard and Sound!

The 728 Cadets Marching Arts organization provides music and performance education to middle school and high school students in the Elk River Area School District, including Elk River, Rogers, and Zimmerman schools. The 728 Cadets are not part of school district 728, but a stand-alone, 501(c)(3) organization. In addition to music and performance education, marching arts training promotes an attitude of pride, spirit, teamwork and personal growth.

The 728 Cadets organization includes a summer marching band under the name 728 Cadets, plus three winter ensembles: River Valley Percussion Theatre, River Valley Winter Guard, and River Valley Sound.

Over the past twelve years, as many as 98 students a season have benefited from programming provided by the 728 Cadets organization. Music and performance education is offered for wind and percussion instruments, and dance and performance education for color guard. After several months of vigorous rehearsal, students will compete against other scholastic groups throughout the state of MN, and across the country, when they travel to national competitions or larger marching venues. The River Valley winter ensembles have developed accomplished musicians in the MN scholastic arena, earning many first place awards over the course of their existence; and the 728 Cadets Marching band has earned numerous awards throughout the state including Grand Champion awards at major band festivals over the last five years.

We appreciate your support to continue providing the best marching arts and music education possible to serve the students of ISD 728.

Quotes from our 2017 seniors:

“Life skills I have learned thanks to my many instructors and teachers will always follow me, and I will never forget the people who taught me.”

“Joining the Cadets has led to so many new experiences and opportunities I would never get any other way.”

“The 728 Cadets organization has changed my life in ways I can barely begin to describe. I have grown as a drummer, a leader, and as a person thanks to this group of people.

“Color guard has truly helped me find myself, and it has allowed me to meet some pretty amazing people throughout the years.”

“Marching made me more confident and without it, I would have never become who I am now.”

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