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Collective Unconscious Performance
Fundraiser for Springboard for the Arts

Collective Unconscious Performance David is raising money for Springboard for the Arts.

Collective Unconscious Performance creates original, ensemble-driven theatre in the Twin Cities

    *In August 2017, we presented the critically-acclaimed world premiere of SKINS at the Minnesota Fringe Festival. This new play was written by Emily Dendinger and created in collaboration with the ensemble.
    *We concluded principle photography for Little Red this past October, a short film co-directed by Collective Unconscious artistic director David Hanzal and filmmaker Laura Lechner, featuring puppets designed by David. The film will be completed in spring 2018, and we'll be entering it into film festivals, as well as organizing local screenings.
    *Recently, we have also commissioned another play by Emily Dendinger. This new play, entitled Le Cirque Féerique is currently under development and will have its world premiere production in October 2018. We’ll be announcing a venue and performance dates soon - please keep your eyes peeled!

Your generous gift will go into the pockets of the artists working on our upcoming, brand-new production of Le Cirque Féerique!

Collective Unconscious Performance was founded by David Hanzal and Katharine Sherman in 2014. Inspired by the universal human experience found in fairy tales, myths, and dreams, Collective Unconscious Performance creates original works of theatre that integrates text alongside movement, puppetry, mask work, and music.

Our core artistic values include:
    *Pursuing interdisciplinary artistic collaborations
    *Promoting non-hierarchical integration of design, movement, text, and music
    *Experimenting during the process of creation, juxtaposing multiple genres and performance styles
    *Nurturing a process-based work environment
    *Creating a spirit of inclusion for all participating artists and viewers

Learn more about us and our work at www.collectiveunconsciousperformance.com.

Thank you for your generous support, and for being part of the Collective Unconscious community!

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