Stone Arch Bridge Initiative for Education Resources
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Stone Arch Bridge Initiative for Education Resources Dan is raising money for Propel Nonprofits.

The Stone Arch Bridge Initiative for Education Resources Enables teachers and students to use free, standards based, digital curriculum.

K-12 school districts in Minnesota currently spend about $250 million dollars a year on textbooks when there are already free, openly licensed, standards based, digital curricula available. Free, openly licensed, digital curricula has been found to be as good as and usually superior to that available from for-profit textbook publishers. Free, openly licensed, digital curricula allows teachers to modify the content as they see fit to meet the needs of their students. Those needs might be a translation to another language, special education modifications, or adaptive methods of accessing textual information. Free, openly licensed curricula increases student engagement in and ownership of learning by providing multiple ways for students to access content; it offers increased opportunities for formative assessment with personalized feedback; it fosters more ways for students to learn collaboratively; and it enables students to carry their learning products with them to subsequent learning and work environments.

SABIER works with school districts to provide the teacher professional development and curriculum modification to enable teachers to make free, digital content work for their students. SABIER is a kick-start for districts to become more self-sufficient.  SABIER enables districts to take the money that they had previously been sending to textbook publishers and instead invest it in their own local teachers and systems. 

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