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Fundraiser for Springboard for the Arts

Laura raising money for Springboard for the Arts

Support Small Art as we connect independent artists with new audiences through community-building events.


Small Art is a party-like performance series taking place in homes and artists' studio spaces around the Twin Cities.

We create intimate events that share the work of independent Twin Cities artists. Part performance, part community gathering, these pared-down performances give artists a platform for experimentation and connecting to new audiences, while making new arts supporters aware of the thriving Twin Cities independent arts community. 

Since November of 2012, Small Art has featuring more than 20 artists in 12 homes and studio spaces around the Twin Cities. These artists include:

Performance makers Charles Campbell, Lukas Koski, Samantha Johns, Levi Weinhagen, Emily Gastineau, Blake Nellis, Billy Mullaney, Carolyn Pool and Shanan Custer

Engagement artist Taylor Baldry

Sound artist Craig VanDerSchaegen

Slam poet Toussaint Morrison

Writers Rachel Jendrzejewski, Brad Liening and Brian Beatty 

Performers Lazer Goese, Erika Hansen, Tom Lloyd, Moheb Soliman

Film maker Kevin Obsatz

Musicians Karen Townsend and Kristen Graves

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Small Art is raising funds for two new projects in 2017: 
+ a Spring performance series that will commission the work of a new group of artists, and travel to homes around the Twin Cities. 
+ a series of dance duets performed by Laura Holway and Erika Hansen, that will pop up in gallery spaces around Minneapolis next fall as part of an investigation around the place where contemporary artist books and dance collide. 


Small Art has had enthusiastic press from Minnesota Playlist, Knight Arts,, Single White Fringe Geek, City Pages, and Art Hounds. 

"When everything goes like clockwork and you're sitting fifty feet from the stage, a play can start feeling a bit like a movie. But when you're right on top of the performers, squeezed in with a tribe of like-minded imbibers, there's no denying that this is unfolding in the moment, a singular occurrence that no one not currently in the room will ever have the privilege of seeing or understanding. That spirit permeated and elevated every moment of Small Art." -Ira Brooker, Minnesota Playlist's Best of 2013-2014

"In that homey living room, watching the “Small Art” artists perform work for themselves, for us and each other, it seemed to me to be performance of an entirely different kind than you see in more traditional venues; it’s theater stripped down to fundamentals. The metrics for success in these sorts of shows are  impossible to quantify in tidy, fungible categories: what matters here are the costs and benefits of candor and love, and the attendant vulnerabilities of both. And we, watching these artists, were game from the outset – uncomfortable sometimes, yes, but willing to sit in that discomfort for the sake of being witness to something authentic. The living room rules of engagement allow room for play, for an anything-goes ethos that invites experimentation in a way an established venue just can’t without risking the alienation of paying customers." -Susannah Schouweiler, Knight Arts

Small Art is proud to be a fiscally sponsored project of Springboard for the Arts:

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