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Fundraiser for Augsburg University

AUGGIE ATHLETICS Victoria is raising money for Augsburg University.

Auggie Sports Medicine Needs a New Space -- Renovate Room 128!

Do you remember the SPACE you had as an athlete? 

Pre-game, rehab time, taping, doctor evaluations, post-practice treatments, nutrition counseling....

If you remember being an athlete, you know that practice time could be anytime between 6:30 am and 8:30 pm. Most of the time you were sharing the Athletic Training SPACE with up to 200 other athletes.  The SPACE that you had to develop as an athlete is crucial. 

Here at Augsburg University, we have a Sports Medicine Staff of 5 certified athletic trainers, 2 team physicians, 3 physical therapists, 1 chiropractor, and 10 student assistants that currently serve 21 sports, totaling almost 550 athletes. 

 Our Sports Medicine Team operates daily in a 700 square foot SPACE.  This boils down to 1.25 square feet per athlete for medical services.  This SPACE functions as a triage site, a rehabilitation area, hydro-therapy room, a taping station, an office for medical records, and an injury evaluation location. As well as, Chiropractic services, student athlete counseling, team education, preventative medicine, all promoting a comprehensive, therapeutic environment.

Our vision is to be critical and creative thinkers and to provide the highest quality medical care in a state-of-the-art Sports Medicine SPACE for Auggie student athletes.

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