Rosy Simas Danse Tour & New Works
Fundraiser for Springboard for the Arts

Rosy raising money for Springboard for the Arts

Rosy Simas Danse Tour & NEW WORKS!

Rosy Simas Danse is a Minneapolis based Native dance organization created to present immersive, intersectional, Indigenous-centered performance. Donations to Rosy Simas Danse through our fiscal agent Springboard for the Arts are tax deductible. 

Help us present our exciting upcoming season:
•continued tour of Skin(s) to Chicago, Evanston, Duluth, and Oakland
•creation of Weave-a BRAND NEW work involving an international group of dynamic artists
WE INVEST TO CONNECT TO COMMUNITIES -Touring dance work is an investment. We spend more time in each place than a conventional tour. This is our way to engage and build vital connections with Indigenous communities and diverse audiences across the country. Rosy Simas Danse partners with organizations and tours to places that are sometimes unable to provide the financial support required for increased engagement. WE NEED YOUR HELP to fully realize each dance work and to make sure all of the artists involved are fairly compensated. 

This is where you come in! ALL FUNDS raised here go toward PAYING ARTISTS and travel expenses needed to build and share our dance works with these communities. 

Skin(s) — the dance — explores what we hold, reveal and share through our skin. It is performed by five exquisite sensing beings. That is what makes this dance a dance. I have just been their guide. I build the frame, the container… they are the sweetness, the energy, the ones that draw us in and make us love the world of the senses.” – Rosy Simas

Skin(s) premiered in 2016 at Intermedia Arts in Minneapolis and toured to Kelly Strayhorn Theater in Pittsburgh, LaPeña in Berkeley and Indigenous Choreographers at Riverside, CA. Skin(s) will be presented in 2017 and 2018 at Eastside Cultural Center in Oakland, the City of Chicago Cultural Center, the American Indian Community Housing Organization in Duluth, and Northwestern University in Evanston. 

Weave will premiere January 12th, 2019 at the Ordway in St. Paul. An iteration of Weave will be developed for the merican Indian Cultural Corridor through a month long residency at All My Relations Arts in Minneapolis in the summer of 2018. 

Rosy Simas has been presenting dance, facilitating the dance work of others, and offering dance instruction in the Twin Cities since 1992. The primary commitment of Rosy Simas Danse is to create and present innovative interdisciplinary performance that connects artists and audiences.

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