Roaming Catholic, a Healing Dance Memoir (a project of Points Of Light Music)
Fundraiser for Springboard for the Arts

Roaming Catholic, a Healing Dance Memoir (a project of Points Of Light Music) Points of Light Music is raising money for Springboard for the Arts.

A fiscally sponsored project of Springboard for the Arts. To give to Springboard:

A memoir of participatory dance, poetry, and theater telling the universal story of faith broken and healed to wholeness again.

30 years ago, Mary Martin Lane started attending 12-step programs, practicing meditation, and writing poetry to heal memories of a traumatic childhood.  The beacon on top of this mountain of transformation was encountering the Dances of Universal Peace, which restored her faith in The Holy One. 

Mary Martin has created a participatory dance theater piece weaving poems her inner child wrote and the simple yet profound circle Dances of Universal Peace around the structure of the Catholic Latin Mass to tell a universal story of faith broken and healed to wholeness. 

We call it "Tales of a Roaming Catholic: a Healing Dance Memoir."

Points of Light Music believes Mary Martin's experience is not uncommon but is reflective of many who have faith stories of lost hope.  As her story unfolds, the audience will join in the dances that powerfully transformed Mary Martin's faith from struggle into one of joy.  It is our hope that others will benefit from hearing her story and experiencing the Dances.  We invite you to join us in creating safe space to shed light on these sensitive areas and allow healing to unfold.

Until now only sections of Tales of a Roaming Catholic have been shared with small groups.  Points of Light Music would like to produce the entire dance experience as an all-day retreat.  Can you support us in sharing this story of universal brokenness and liberation? 

Your support would help promote Roaming Catholic in print materials and social media, rent space for this to be held, offset travel costs for Mary Martin to travel the 172 miles from home to the Twin Cities metro area, compensate musicians to accompany the dances, fund scholarships for attendees with financial limits, and allow Mary Martin to workshop Roaming Catholic with other playwrights. 

One non-financial way you can support us is by following the Roaming Catholic story.  Please visit to sign up for the email newsletter (check Dances of Universal Peace). 

Our fiscal sponsor, Springboard for the Arts*, supports us!  They will add $250 to our Give to the Max total if 25 donors contribute or $10 for each donor, up to 25. Please contribute and then share this story with others.

* Points of Light Music (Roaming Catholic) is a sponsored project of Springboard for the Arts, a nonprofit arts service organization. Contributions on behalf of Points of Light Music (Roaming Catholic) may be made payable to Springboard for the Arts and are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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