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SAVE 3405 Chicago -RARE House- MTHC and Cafe SouthSide space
Fundraiser for Springboard for the Arts

SAVE 3405 Chicago -RARE House- MTHC and Cafe SouthSide space RARE is raising money for Springboard for the Arts.

RARE Productions serves Trans and Queer Artists centering Artists of Color

RARE Productions
Needs your help like so many safer spaces for queer community to keep our space around and thriving.
RARE provides support and connections for queer artists and our space needs you to help us move thru gentrification.
Our beloved space has been sold to a developer and we have a chance to make it our own for real!!
RARE does so many things including but not limited to:
A 14 member collective of queer and trans artists activists of color will work together to address social justice and change through art.
•This fourteen member team is made of artists that RARE has been working with over the last 5 years and a few new emerging artists that RARE Productions recruits. Artists will work with facilitators to create work-plans and access what they need to build support mechanisms to create great art to influence change and create the dynamics they want reflected in their communities.
•There are limited opportunities for lgbtq artists of color, and no specific entities beyond RARE that produce and promote Q artists of color.  Four almost nine years RARE has been bringing visibility to lgbtq artist of color in the Twin Cities. 
•RARE House will work to create a home base for 14 multidisciplinary artists who have passions in music, dance, spoken word, photography, theater, 2d and 3d visual arts. RARE House is a physical location at 3405 Chicago Ave s in Minneapolis located in a building that boast a well know lgbtq safer space cafe and the Minnesota Transgender Health Coalition (MTHC) and it's community use space called the Exchange.  RARE House will have a stage and performance space with spring loaded floors, sound equipment including DJ gear, microphones.

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