Intermedia: Buy Back, Bank Roll, Balance
Fundraiser for Intermedia Arts of Minnesota, Inc.

Intermedia: Buy Back, Bank Roll, Balance John Francis is raising money for Intermedia Arts of Minnesota, Inc..

quick capital for a forever Intermedia

Balance for the MN cultural landscape. Buy Back and Bank Roll for Intermedia. 

$5.65 million. 

I've read the social media and news reports about losing Intermedia. Keeping it sounds waaaayyyyy better.

I also got to peak at a letter sent by dozens of Intermedia artists to the board in November offering to be active with the board, join the board in the decision making process. That'd be fantastic. 

Intermedia is a crucial anchor of the Minnesota arts and cultural ecosystem. The thousands of artists, creators, cultural leaders who come through Intermedia enrich every corner of Minnesota and beyond.

Speaking to MN in general, I think living without Intermedia will be like trying to live without probiotics in your gut. You might not see it gone right away, but, pretty soon, you're dying from the inside out faster than you ever thought possible... 

So chip in $5.65 million. 

The idea is $650,000 to clear debt and mortgage, gleaned from the articles and public info that's been put out. $5,000,000 to be a perpetual endowment or working capital fund, depending on how Intermedia wants to invest it, gleaned from great articles and calculators on how to know how big of an endowment you need. Like any endowment, the return on investment each year is used half-ish for operating and half-ish reinvested. The consistent contribution to operating smooths out from fluctuating grant sources.

Intermedia can still take advantage of opportunities like the large project grants that have fueled them in recent years, without the instability. Like the $1.5 million in national funding it brought into MN in recent years for the Creative City Making embedding artists in City of Minneapolis planning and processes for a huge impact on engagement and steps toward equity. (Speaking of that, it would not be bad to see Minneapolis appreciate that $1.5 million kickstart by designing a line item in budgets moving forward too). 

If you give here or give through the Intermedia website put "buy back" in the memo, and encourage the board to not only keep the physical asset of the Intermedia space, but expand on it with greater financial independence, flesh out the board with artists that do the inspirational work in and around Intermedia. (The Equity as Innovation thinking they've done is inspiring and deserves the fuel to flesh itself out.)

Give a million. Give two. 

Thank you. 

- If instead of or in addition you are looking to fund the Intermedia program that's gone mobile, chip in your dough to Sha and the gang at 

- If you're thinking "I like that buy back, but I want to give it to them artists, not the board"... then maybe check out

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