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Fundraiser for Augsburg University

PEACE SCHOLARS PROGRAM FUND Nobel Peace Prize Forum is raising money for Augsburg University.

Want to help future Auggies become active participants in peacemaking efforts around the world? Be one of our donors!

Our goal is to raise $10,000 to help cover travel, academic fees, room and board, and seminar excursions. Help us, will you? 

Each year, two students from Augsburg University are selected the Peace Scholars title through an application and interview process.  In addition to serving as leaders in peace engagements in our community, our Peace Scholars are awarded a seven-week academic experience held at The Nansen Dialogue Network in Lillehammer and The University of Oslo that inspires students and other citizens to become active participants in peacemaking efforts around the world. 

We encourage you to read the statements below and view the video above to hear the in-depth experiences and incredible impact of this program!

"Lillehammer has taught me the importance of the willingness to listen and understand in order to sort out conflict, to acknowledge that people come from all different walks of life, and as a society, we share the responsibility to teach and to be taught. One is never too old to learn." - Winnie (Peace Scholar '16)

"As a Peace Scholar returning to the U.S. to a tense and tumultuous political climate, it has been invaluable to have more of a global sense of what our solutions can be. Learning about Scandinavian politics and government has been directly applicable in looking at comparative systems. It is not that I want to import these systems to the U.S., but to offer these alternatives has been helpful to myself and others." - Nick (Peace Scholar '16)

The Peace Scholars program was created in conjunction with the Nobel Peace Prize Forum | Minneapolis, an annual event organized, hosted and presented by Augsburg University, and includes students from our Sister Lutheran Colleges. Check out the Peace Scholars Program website to learn more.  Thank you for your support!

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