Orange Iguanas
Fundraiser for Climb, Inc.

Orange Iguanas Afton is raising money for Climb, Inc..

An Artistic and Administrative Association for CLIMB Theatre!

Our team represents many parts of CLIMB and the work we do.  Abbey is one of our teaching company members, Afton works in our administrative side, Alisha works in our gaming department, and Anna is a member of our performing company.

We all work for CLIMB because of how much its mission speaks to us.  We are each inspired by the students we educate and we are equally inspired by the people we work with.  CLIMB workers are passionate, positive, supportive people.  It's easy to walk through the office and find someone who will make you smile when you're not feeling your best.  When actor-educators are at the schools, the students brighten their day.  No matter where we are, it's not easy for us to have a bad day, working for CLIMB.

As an employee of CLIMB we not only look to educate students on topics such as empathy, respect, money management, and environmental conservation, we also hope that we inspire young people to be a part of their arts community.  As a student, Abbey was involved in a local children's theatre company:
  • "It was one of the best things that ever happened to me.  I learned so much from it, the biggest thing being my love of acting.  That was my introduction into theatre, so getting to now bring that kind of experience to kids all over the midwest is truly a dream come true.  I get to spend my days acting, playing games with amazing students, and talking about kindness, respect and understanding.  I honestly can't think of something I'd rather be doing."
Anna got involved with being an actor-educator in a different way, but is just as in love with working with kids as Abbey is:
  • "Getting to inspire young people was never something I thought I would be passionate about.  However, I slowly started getting involved with education over the past two years and now I can't imagine not being involved with education in some capacity.  Watching the eyes of young people light up with inspiration, understanding, and joy is such beautiful part of my day."

It's not just the actor-educators who get to go out and feel inspired by the students.  Whenever possible, gaming coordinators and administrative personnel come out to see the plays.  Alisha had the opportunity to see a CLIMB performance at her child's preschool:
  • "Watching the actor-educators perform was great but what I will always remember is how well my daughter and the other children in her class received the information given.  It is truly amazing to watch their minds work as the show goes on and the excitement on their faces when the actor-educators interact with them."

This is what inspires us as a company.  We hope that our stories will give you an insight into why CLIMB means so much to us.  Your donation will help continue to keep our programming relevant, our employees passionate, and the number of children we reach abundant.

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