On a journey to end cystic fibrosis...
Fundraiser for WITH ONE BREATH

On a journey to end cystic fibrosis... Jill is raising money for WITH ONE BREATH.

There is only one way to heal the despair parents feel the day their child is diagnosed with cystic fibrosis: GIVE THE GIFT OF HOPE.

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a chronic, life-shortening genetic disease that destroys the lungs and impairs almost every organ in the body. While hours of daily medical treatments and frequent hospitalizations are needed to keep CF at bay, the disease ruthlessly progresses until the breath of life is claimed. A sentence of this magnitude fills more than 30,000 individuals and families in our nation with despair.

WITH ONE BREATH's mission is to give hope to the individuals and families in Minnesota battling CF by:

     * Providing care packages for newly diagnosed families and children/adults with CF undergoing a hospital stay; 

     * Giving financial grants to families who cannot afford the costs associated with a CF-related hospitalization; and  

     * Offering long-term, affordable housing to those waiting for and/or recovering from a lung transplant.

Sometimes, showing the individuals and families fighting CF that they are not alone is all it takes for hope to take root and grow.




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