Minnesotans Exposing Petland Campaign
Fundraiser for Animal Rights Coalition, Inc.

Minnesotans Exposing Petland Campaign Katie is raising money for Animal Rights Coalition, Inc..

Help me end the pet trade!

My name is Katie, and I recently got involved in the Minnesotans Exposing Petland campaign in Minnesota. Spending time with my three cats encouraged me to join something big and to try to save as many animals as I am able. Two of my cats came from shelters, and the third, named Olivia, came from horrendous conditions on the streets. She was very scared when she came into my home, but with a few months of patience and kindness, she has blossomed into a sweet little kitty! While my cats are only three of millions in the United States, I know that saving them means they can now live comfortably in a space where they are happy and healthy. I want all animals to be happy and healthy! I shutter to think that animals bred in large facilities are suffering. It also hurts me knowing that millions of animals are killed in shelters every year while places like Petland sell animals for profit every day. Why buy an animal when you can save one from a shelter? Please help me spread the word about places like Petland and for the animals killed in shelters every day. 

In case you didn't know:
Minnesotans Exposing Petland's goal is to educate the public about pet stores (like Petland) that participate in the pet trade. MEP focuses on Petland because they are a national corporation that hasn't made any efforts to end their animals-for-profit business model. There is one Petland left in Saint Paul at the Sunray Shopping Center. The message to them is clear: MEP will be around until Petland changes their business model to supporting rescues or until they go out of business. MEP believes that animals are not products and that they deserve to live their lives outside the cages of breeding facilities. MEP always encourages adoption from rescues and shelters, as companion animal breeding is never necessary. You can read more information about the campaign, including a press release with USDA reports from the last two years, at www.animalrightscoalition.com.

Donations will help the campaign buy much needed pet trade literature to hand out to the public at protests and community events.

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