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Our vision? Communities embrace youth facing homelessness, prioritizing their deep human need for connection and belonging.

The Minnesota Host Home Network champions the transformative power of lasting adult relationships in the lives of youth facing homelessness. Imagine a young person who has shelter, perhaps even an apartment, but no one with whom to share a holiday dinner. In other words, the young person has housing but not a home. We believe that no one--and especially not a young person who has known the trauma of homelessness--can thrive alone.

People need other people. And when, for whatever reason, a young person can no longer live at home--perhaps their parents have mental health issues, abuse drugs, or refuse to recognize their sexual orientation or gender identity--the young person typically works their personal networks, often staying with parents of friends, extended relatives, or neighbors. They may not even consider themselves "homeless," which, given the stigma of homelessness, is not necessarily a bad thing--though it can mean the youth is not accessing services that could be helpful. Unfortunately, these informal arrangements often break down, leading the youth to "couch surf" from one such arrangement to the next, until their network is exhausted--and the youth ends up at the door of a social service agency...or on the street.

But what if we could help stabilize these couch surfing arrangements, viewing them instead, as the Minnesota Host Home Network does, as "informal host homes"? Often, there's a caring adult who does want to help. But that adult may be tight on funds or uncertain how to support a traumatized youth. If both the adult and the youth have access to external support, as well as help coming to an agreement about their shared expectations, the arrangement has a better chance at longer-term success. The Minnesota Host Home Network is developing practical strategies and advising Minnesota communities on how best to strengthen these informal hosting arrangements.

Our cost-effective approach is needed more now than ever. Current funding for emergency, transitional, and supportive housing for youth facing homelessness can serve fewer than 20% of the 6,000 unaccompanied youth who are homeless in Minnesota on any given night. Helping youth develop their own circles of support and stabilizing the informal hosting arrangements they find for themselves is imperative.

We're grateful to fiscal sponsorship through Propel Nonprofits, which provides the Minnesota Host Home Network with 501c3 status. Your donation on this page will directly fund the Minnesota Host Home Network and is completely tax deductible. We so appreciate everyone who pitches in!

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