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lead, for God's sake Tim is raising money for Propel Nonprofits.

mobilizing a compassionate revolution

ead for God’s sake, is an experience designed to accelerate an individual’s understanding of their capacity to live compassionately.   It was created to inspire and mobilize a community of compassionate people willing to “be the change.”   Starting with some core understandings of the human condition, and our universal search for meaning, this thought provoking approach to core questions of the purpose of our existence utilizes inspirational thought leaders, music, poetry, dance, improvisation, and facilitators in an engaging and participatory exploration of our collective capacity to live compassionately. 

lead for God’s sake, will ignite your journey of self-discovery.  It will bring you together with others who daring to live their purpose and actualize their potential in life.  The program will challenge you and provide opportunities to find an ongoing way to connect with others to overcome anything that gets in the way of you living your purpose and potential in life.  

lead for God’s sake is for individuals who want to re-ignite their passions and promote a more just and equal community.  Compassionate leaders must succeed under sustained pressure to remain on course to fulfill their goals and values. Compassionate leadership is also a key strategic competence for people to attract, motivate, develop, nurture and retain the engagement of a community committed to putting love into action. Understanding the impact change has on the human condition and how to lead while sustaining your values, passion, vision and authentic self is the goal of this seminar. 

lead for God’s sake isn’t a four-hour experience you walk away from.  Participants are encouraged and inspired to carry on the exploration by creating a personal “board of directors” who commit to each other to meet on a regular basis to explore the “speed bumps” of life that prevent you from living your core purpose and potential.  Often the true test of our values and convictions happens in real life situations where we encounter conflicts with loved ones, children, parents, bosses, neighbors, friends and people with opposing political viewpoints.  It is this ongoing self-examination by peers that provides us with a forum to explore how we can support each other on our journeys’ of compassionate living.

Investment Opportunities

The Fall Beta testing of lead for God’s sake is targeted for a Wednesday evening in late September/early October as part of the course on Social Entrepreneurship Tim Reardon teaches at The College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University.  This four-hour experience will be enhanced with an online version we anticipate simultaneously beta testing.

To cover the cost of bringing in the key cast of characters, the coordination of various academic departments and campus wide organizations, the final design of the workbook and program design we will be recruiting $50,000.  To simultaneously launch a web site version of lead for God’s sake require a robust technical online platform that can accommodate a high level of interaction, videos, and design an additional $75,000 will be raised.

Sponsorship Categories

Each sponsor will be invited to the beta testing of both the live performance and online version of lead for God’s sake. Each sponsorship level allows for multiple representatives to participate in the beta testing.  We will be inviting sponsors to a special reception to gather input on what “went well, what needs improvement, what we missed, and what should be cut or added” so that lead for God’s sake becomes a vibrant evolving experience that reflects the collective input of the community of compassionate revolutionaries.

Sponsors will be prominently featured in all print materials and online materials in a frequency and prominence that reflects the level of contribution.  Sponsorships last for two years. Sponsorships are renewable. 

All sponsorships are tax deductible. MAP for Nonprofits Assistance Fund is the 501 ( c ) (3) fiscal sponsor for lead for God’s sake.  Checks and contributions can be made out to MAP for Nonprofits Assistance Fund/lead for God’s sake.  MAP for Nonprofits provides the financial accountability and stewardship for all donations. 


Contribution Levels

Individual: $250

Couples/Families:  $500


Organizational levels:

·      Angel $500

Up to 3 people may participate

·      Prophet $1,000

Up to 6 people may participate

·      Celestial $5,000

Up to 12 people may participate

·      Heavenly $10,000

Up to 25 people may participate

·      Divine  $25,000

Up to 100 people may participate

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