Give these cats a chance to have a life!

Give these cats a chance to have a life! Sue is raising money for STRAY FERAL RESCUE.

Funds are needed! There are a lot of cats and kittens in need of vet care, food, and shelter and with your help we can do that!

Stray Feral Rescue has been rescuing cats and finding homes, providing vet care for strays as well as for cats belonging to low income people, doing TNR (trap, neuter, return), and relocating feral cats for a couple of communities in MN and WI who would be forced to euthanize them otherwise. 

Tiny is a little long haired kitten who was born under a 1943 ford pickup. Her mama was dumped on the property of a 72 year old woman with a heart of gold who was taking care of almost 30 throw away cats and their kittens even though it meant scrimping a lot! She built them insulated shelters and kennels so the coyotes and coons couldn't hurt them. This wonderful lady stayed for 2 years to care for her cats even when her well pump died and she had no running water. She refused to abandon the cats. This summer she found out she had lung cancer and her health was failing fast and she knew she no longer had the strength to carry water and care for the outdoor cats, and she would have to move closer to medical services. She called us for help. We trapped and spayed and neutered and found places for those cats to relocated to, so that she could relocate closer to her doctor. As the lady had no money for vet care many of the cats needed treatment for upper respiratory, abcesses, ear infections, and a couple had to have eyes removed. Tiny is one of the lucky ones. She was sick and needed to have one eye removed, and was so very small, but she recovered with good vet care and good food and got the surgery she needed. She will never be a big cat and now weighs almost 5 lbs, is fixed and has a new home! All the cats were relocated to new locations thanks to a few big hearted people who had barns or sheds and were willing to take care of them. 

Shiloh and Teddy are 12 year old cats that belonged to a elderly lady that loved them but when she had a stroke they were left behind with no one to care for them. They sat alone without food until a relative almost 500 miles away was able to get there and arrange that they got care. By then damage had been done as starving fat cats tend to go into liver failure. They came into our foster program and are now slowly recovering and we hope to find them permanent homes. 

We can do the work involved with these kind of rescues - the running, the nursing care, providing places for the cats to go - but it also takes money to buy the food and medicine and pay the vets and we desperately need your help with that.

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