Jane Leitzman for Raw Sugar
Fundraiser for Springboard for the Arts

Jane Leitzman for Raw Sugar Raw is raising money for Springboard for the Arts.

2018 Pi Day Pie K Baker

Jane Leitzman is a 70 year old retired English teacher from central Minnesota who still actively fighting for gender equality. Jane is the proud mother of Raw Sugar board member, Karla Leitzman, and is thrilled to be involved as a baker for this year's Pi Day fundraiser as she has always loved to bake, and few things get her more worked up than fighting for a great cause!

Jane retired from teaching 5 years ago and loves all the things she now has time to accomplish. Besides many long lunch and coffee dates with friends and reading more Scandinavian crime fiction novels than she ever thought possible, she is an avid volunteer in various aspects of her community, particularly in local DFL politics as well as various interfaith outreach groups based in St. Cloud. Jane is particularly proud of an initiative she helped to found in St. Joseph, MN, where several retired teachers and current education students from St. Ben's have come together to form opportunities for immigrant/ refugee families, including tutoring help for students and English and behind the wheel driving assistance for adults. Though she is dismayed to see much rampant racism and divisiveness in the St. Cloud area, she finds much hope in the people she gets to work with to make her community more welcoming each day.

Jane hopes you will consider making a donation to her page as she's this year's oldest baker and truly proves to all of us that activism at any age matters.

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