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Health Care for All Minnesota

Health Care for All Minnesota Health Care for All Minnesota is raising money for COACT EDUCATION FOUNDATION.

Help support health care payment reform in Minnesota

Help Health Care for All Minnesota (HCAMN) achieve it's goals: 

1. Educate and engage Minnesotans on the issues of healthcare financing reform
2. Build a base of support for reform, connecting individuals and groups
3. Work with legislators to pass and implement health care financing reform for Minnesota. 

We are educating and building the army that will be needed to advocate for change. 

The free market/profit-based system we currently have does not work for health care. Costs continue to rise and more people can't afford to pay. 2/3 of personal bankruptcies are health care related. 

The per capita health spending in the US is more than twice the average of another developed country. 31% of every health care dollar is spent on non-healthcare: administration, advertising, high CEO/management salaries, profit-making. 

You Can Also Be a Fundraiser

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