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Gadfly Theatre Productions Gadfly is raising money for PATRICKS CABARET.

Queer & Feminist Theatre For All

Thanks so much for your support of The Crown of the Holly Queen and Children's Play.  Gadfly is currently on semi-hiatus due to a brain injury incurred by one of our Artistic Directors. This hiatus is solely for health reasons, and we WILL be back in March 2019 with a big, beautiful project (details pending). This project will include lots of input and voices from the rich community of LGBTQIA2SP+ arts living and working in the Twin Cities, and offer big laughs and beautiful moments for reflection. 

We need your help making that happen though! Gadfly has consistently produced high quality work while substantially underfunded and undersupported. We absolutely love what we do, but we are ready to kick it up a notch. Your donation ensures solid venues, work by and for queer artists, and artists getting paid real money! (It also goes to outstanding bills like keeping our website spiffy and covering stuff from our last show.)

Gadfly Theatre Productions produces queer and feminist art that everyone can laugh, cry, and relate too
. We are currently on hiatus except for a few fundraisers, but then our NINTH season of highlighting stories and voices of LGBTQ+ people and marginalized women will jumpstart in 2019. We are still finalizing details and putting the special queer polish (glitter, it's just glitter) on our upcoming season. 

We are beyond ecstatic to create a space that produces passionately progressive work, and to create that work ourselves. Visit our website for more information about pending events. Thank you in advance for your generous gift to this unique and radical theatre company.

*Please note that all money raised DOES go to Gadfly Theatre Productions except for a small processing fee used by GiveMN and Patrick's Cabaret to ensure that your donation is tax deductible. We have changed fiscal sponsors, so it says "Patrick's Cabaret" where it used to say "Springboard for the Arts." We are fundraising for our own work, but it is their 501(c) 3 that allows us to do so while we work towards having our own. Thanks to Patrick's for doing that for us, and thank to YOU for donating to our eighth season. 

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