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FREE Scottish Fair Liz is raising money for MINNESOTA SCOTTISH FAIR & HIGHLAND GAMES.

Make my passion for all things Scottish your passion too! Donate today and help us make the Scottish Fair FREE!

Growing up as a Minnesota mutt I was exposed by my maternal grandmother to many Scottish traditions....the eating of haggis not along them.  I have always felt most akin to the Scottish part of my ancestry. As a young adult my interest and passion grew. As a not so young adult it is a way of life. For nearly 35 years I have been deeply involved in the public events that sustain & present our Scottish culture. The first of these was the Macalester Scottish Country Fair, later, for 28 years, Scottish Ramble and now for nearly 15 years the Minnesota Scottish Fair & Highland Games.  By next summer only one will remain...The MN Scottish Fair. Though kilt wearing has grown to have a certain "cool" factor many people know little of what it means to be Scottish. It is so much more than bagpipes, kilts and the caber toss. The MN Scottish Fair gives the public a broader exposure to our history & culture. As our state and cities grow more ethnically diverse by the day, don't let the heritage of our earliest immigrants & our families fade away. In our effort to expose more people to our traditions we are making the 2018 FREE to attend. Please join me in making a donation to the fair. Don't let our culture fade like a piece of tartan left to weather in a bog. Help us share our wonderful heritage with others. Donate today!

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