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English Department Speaker & Event Fund
Fundraiser for Augsburg University

English Department Speaker & Event Fund Douglas is raising money for Augsburg University.

Our many creative writers and lit students need sustenance--the inspiring words of other practicing scholars, artists, & writers.

When I came to Augsburg 30 years ago, the Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities funded a writing series that brought one writer to each of the five campuses annually.  It was a great resource for all our students: We had writers like Sean Thomas Dougherty, Carolyn Forché, and Cheryl Strayed, to name a few. Though that funding has evaporated, Augsburg's major, especially its creative writing program, is growing and thriving.  And since I started teaching creative writing at the turn of the millenium, I know our student writers benefit greatly from contact with visiting writers.

That's why the English Department is raising funds to bring speakers on literature and writing into our classrooms and to pool with other programs to support campus-wide writing and literary events.

We're aiming for $3500 this first year--$1000 for immediate use by the English Department and $2500 as a first step toward a $25,000 endowment that would guarantee us $1000 annually for programming. 

I'm personally committed to helping us get there over the long haul because that's what writers do: Like Shakespeare, whom some students think I knew personally, we get the job done!

Please join us.

--Doug Green, Professor of English

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