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Diapers for Dollars
Fundraiser for Down Syndrome Association Of Minnesota

Diapers for Dollars Sarah is raising money for Down Syndrome Association Of Minnesota.

We are raising money for Down Syndrome with Diapers!

We are helping to collect money for Down Syndrome Programs in our area!
You can help too!

Timber's little sister has Down Syndrome and he has always done a LOT of volunteer work already to help give his time to help her grow and develop, because people with Down Syndrome are people first and are entitled to live a happy life with the same privileges as other people!  
There are some wonderful organizations in Minnesota who also spend a lot of time helping those with Down Syndrome and the families that support them.  Please check out our local DS orgnaization http://www.dsamn.org/
and also please go and also see the Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network if you or a friend has a diagnosis before or after birth about their baby with Down Syndrome http://www.dsdiagnosisnetwork.org/#!about2/c13na
Here are some more ways you can help raise funds in your area:
  • Car Wash for money
  • Bake Sale
  • Run for fun if your child is in sports
  • Volunteer to help in any way you can through your local charity office

More information about Diapers for Dollars here:

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