Curio Dance: Drop the Mic
Fundraiser for Springboard for the Arts

Dario raising money for Springboard for the Arts

Curio Dance needs your help to fund Drop the Mic: The Experience, the future of dance-making and interactive media

Curio Dance presents the sixth original production of eclectic choreography in Drop the Mic! The Experience. 
This year’s show titled, The Experience, exemplifies the artistry of the most influential American Rock guitarist of our time. Modernistic dance makers weave interactive media and visual effects to create an evening of psychedelic rock, electric blues, and the ageless grooves by breakbeat DJ. Contemporary dancers, circus artists and funk stylist unite with messages of the music that surpass generations and lift us into a timeless people, liberated from division and free to connect through music and experiential dance performance. 

We need to raise $20,000 to pay the Artist Fees for the next show. 
Your contributions will go directly to supporting the artists.   


Drop the Mic: The Experience  
The Cowles Center 
February 10th-12th, 2017

Curio Dance attunes performers and crowds to connect through historically accurate and current genres of dance. Under the direction and choreography of Dario Mejia and Giselle Mejia, the creation of dances spring from their full-range of universal movement and their present thirst for responsible and truthful artistry. Their integrity is bound in the philosophy of limitless potential, collaborating with performers of consummate kinesthetic awareness. 

Curio Dance achieves compelling, courageous and curious movements that generate positive action. The movement unfolds when every person discovers their forte in life and contributes to a whole ultimately realizing a communal dream.

More about the past: Formerly staged at the Guthrie Theater, the original Drop the Mic production was where the producers of NBC’s Americas Got Talent personally extended the invitation to the Mejia's to participate in the shows sixth season. The Mejia’s competed with other performers under the name Team iLuminate. Dario and Giselle Mejia ultimately went on to win third place in the finals of America’s Got Talent. The Mejia duo recently returned from international touring with iLuminate and an off- Broadway production in New York City where they choreographed and danced with the company at New World Stages. 

The artists that Curio Dance has collaborated with is extensive. Here are the names of the artists in the past performances: Amara Barner, Larry Yazzie, Ricci Milan, Yeniel Chini Perez, Lalo Gonzalez, Chai Saetern, David Abide, Jonathan Minhzy, Stacy Boedeker, Herbert Johnson, Ashley Selmer, Kylie Redding, Kyra Peterson, Eliza Peterson, Andy Ausland, Jesse Thomas, Levi Martin, Steve Durand, Ozzy Dris, Tony Clark, Jeremiah, Josh Stevens, Christian Adeti, Christopher LaPlante, Kailen Nelson, Alicia Steele, Dario Mejia, Giselle Mejia, Lulu Champion, Dora Dolphin, Caitlin Mejia, Nate Poole, Anthony Gabriel, Maria Isa, Emma Portner, Kaleena Miller, Michael DeLoach, Destiny Davis, Jada Daniels, Simeon Daniels, MN Joe, Los Boogie, Nic Baier, Jordan Hamilton, Darian Johnson

Curio Dance is a Non-profit dance company, fiscally sponsored by Springboard for the Arts. 

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