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Fundraiser for Springboard for the Arts

Cow Tipping Press Bryan is raising money for Springboard for the Arts.

a new way to think about disability

Five reasons to donate to Cow Tipping Press:

1. Our students. To date, we've helped nearly 200 adults with disabilities share their creative voices through more than 1500 hours of classes. A remarkable 100% report that they're proud of the work they create. Hear for yourself from Danny!

2. Our teachers. Cow Tipping hires and trains socially committed college students to deliver classes. Quote one, "it's a great opportunity to do meaningful work in an area that doesn't get the attention it deserves." We've trained 19 teachers and even more volunteers, regularly receiving triple the applicants we can take in a field often plagued by staff shortages. This summer, we had our first alum choose to enter disability services full-time based on his Cow Tipping experience.

3. Our outreach. The magic of Cow Tipping classes doesn't stay in the classroom. From bookstores to breweries to conferences to colleges, our authors and staff have broken down barriers and brought voices for inclusion into new social spaces. See Shinoa at the Icehouse for an example!

4. The match. This year, our most generous prior donors have pledged to match up to $3,000 of GTMD gifts. If you donate within this window, the impact of your gift will be automatically doubled!

5. The model. Through hard labor and trial and error, we've crystallized an efficient social venture model, prioritizing earned revenue to help us deliver impact. This means we take donations not for granted but as the tremendous gifts that they are, applying these resources to test and create new services that bring in sustainable growth beyond their use.

Your donation to Cow Tipping Press is a gift that keeps on giving.

Other ways to take on a part of this work:
Learn more about Cow Tipping. Subscribe to our books.
• Refer a partner organization, disability-focused or otherwise.
• View author writing on display at the University of Minnesota or come to our November 8 author reading and book release at the Show Gallery.
• Follow us on Facebook and share this appeal!

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