Cellular Cinema Mobile Studio
Fundraiser for Springboard for the Arts

Cellular Cinema Mobile Studio Kevin is raising money for Springboard for the Arts.

With your help, we can create a Mobile Studio and Microcinema to expand our community with touring screenings and workshops!


Since 2014, Cellular Cinema has been the only organization in the Twin Cities programming regular exhibition opportunities for experimental film, video and expanded cinema (moving image work featuring multiple projectors, live music or performance) created by local artists and guest artists from across North America.

We have hosted 13 screenings so far at our primary venue, the Bryant Lake Bowl Theater, and we've toured a program of Minnesota-based filmmakers to Portland, Los Angeles, and Shell Lake, Wisconsin. We have standing offers as well for screenings in Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee and Asheville, NC. Recently we created a three-day event in collaboration with the Minneapolis & St. Paul International Film Festival that featured two programs of short experimental films and eight hours of expanded cinema presentations and performances by four out-of-town visiting artists and five local artists.

Our screenings have drawn audiences from 10-100 people, and our facebook group has grown to approximately 150. The box office revenue from these screenings has gone directly back to our guest artists and curators, making us one of the few organizations that actually pays experimental filmmakers to show their work.

A vibrant community has grown up around Cellular Cinema, and though we fully plan to keep doing what we're doing, we're very excited about expanding our range! We feel that the best way to do this is to create a Mobile Microcinema and Studio that can visit other neighborhoods and other parts of the state, to provide filmmaking workshops in a wide range of different communities and reach other potential artists and audiences.

Mobile Studio Budget

Our needs for this undertaking are modest. We believe in making films with the resources at hand, including everything from the newest technology to camera phones and vintage Super-8 cameras from garage sales. So, the main expense is the trailer itself, which can be purchased for $2000, another $1000 to convert it into a functional darkroom and add basic safety, functionality and accessibility updates, and finally, $800 for a year's worth of pickup truck rentals to tow it around to different arts festivals, schools, museums and community centers.

This $3800 will allow us to create opportunities for all kinds of people to experiment with the moving image; young and old, urban and suburban and rural... we would love to have your help making this dream a reality!

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