Building More Philanthropy with Purpose Giving Circle - 'Pho the Good of All'
Fundraiser for Headwaters Foundation for Justice

Bo raising money for Headwaters Foundation for Justice

We are a giving circle raising and pooling our resources together to support social justice work led by Asian Americans in the Upper Midwest

"Pho the Good of All' is our tagline because pho is a soup that is shared in many Southeast Asian American homes with families and community. It's fair to say that one usually does not eat pho alone. All our founding families love pho, and so our giving centers on this idea of doing something together 'pho' the good of all.

The BMPP Giving Circle is made up of Asian American families from Minnesota and Wisconsin. We come together to support innovative projects that advance justice and equity. We believe that by coming together to celebrate, learn about, and raise financial resources we can fuel the change we want to see in the world.

Our Guiding Values are that:

  • Families who learn, share, and give together grow together and their collective action can change the world. 
  • All adults serve as examples for children, and we should involve our children and young people in our efforts to build community.
  • Solutions for community problems can come from anywhere and anyone, not just those who have the most resources.
  • Our collective well-being is tied to the well-being of those who suffer most from injustice, and we must support more work being led by those who are most impacted.
The BMPP Giving Circle is housed at Headwaters Foundation for Justice, and is a member of the AAPIP National Giving Circle Network.

Every dollar you donate goes directly back out to support Asian American community-led projects that advance social justice. We choose to support organizations that would otherwise not have access to funding.

You Can Also Be a Fundraiser

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