Borealis Dance
Fundraiser for Springboard for the Arts

Borealis Dance Danielle is raising money for Springboard for the Arts.

Experience Dance That Moves You

In 2008 Danielle Ricci and dancers founded Borealis Dance in Austin, Texas.  In 2013 the dance company transitioned to Minneapolis bringing local dancers and artists together. As we enter our fourth season in fall of 2016, we look forward to the partnerships and collaborations this year will bring.

Borealis Dance’s mission is to make the art of dance more accessible to the community by finding new ways to look at our world and reflecting modern life through the art of movement while collaborating with artists in the community to bring a sense of camaraderie among different art forms.

The company partners with other non-profit, humanitarian organizations for inspiration and creates a dance piece that shines a light on difficult issues to promote understanding, generate funds, and create support within our communities and beyond.

In the spirit of integrating new ideas into everyday life, we strive to relate to and inspire our audience on an emotional, intellectual and spiritual level as you experience, dance that moves you.

A  fiscally  sponsored  project  of  Springboard  for  the  Arts.  To  give  to  Springboard:  

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