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Auggies are SMART!
Fundraiser for Augsburg University

Auggies are SMART! Augsburg's is raising money for Augsburg University.

Auggies are SMART!

Augsburg's SMART--Sexual Misconduct Awareness-Raising Team--has set out to expand on the current education surrounding consent, sexual misconduct, and healthy relationships on Augsburg University's campus. SMART has existed as an official student group since March of 2015. Going into our second full year of being a student group we are excited and full of ideas for future events. Last year SMART with the help of students, faculty, staff, and donors were able to put on events such as:
  • Won Student Organization of The Year!
  • Discussion nights with fellow students about subjects such as consent and healthy relationships
  • Hosting an open mic night in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October)
  • Demonstrations of what means no and how to be an active bystander during three women's lacrosse games
  • Work with Break the Silence and Sarah Super, founder of Break the Silence, to hold our own truth-telling event for Auggies and our surrounding community members
  • Organized a clothing drive supporting homeless shelters for youth and young adults in the Twin Cities, including The Bridge for Youth. 
  • Donated hand-decorated mugs and homemade body scrubs to Cornerstone Advocacy Services’ Annual Holiday Shop, which we made at a craft night
  • Celebrated healthy relationships by selling cans of Crush soda during the week of Valentine’s Day.
  • Met with Dennis Donovan, who taught us how to make meaningful connections and further our cause through power mapping and one-on-one interviews.
Our mission is:

Augsburg’s SMART strives to raise overall awareness of rape culture, consent culture, harassment, and assaults, provide bystander trainings, help members, and other students, staff, and faculty become good allies, innovate ways for Augsburg’s SMART to reach out to and engage with the populations who are unable to relate and/or empathize with these issues, and create an on-campus culture of education, empathy, and empowerment.

Donations will help SMART host more events aimed to further knowledge about sexual misconduct on college campuses. We will utilize 85% of donations we receive to fund future events that our members help plan and organize, the other 15% will be donated to the Women's Resource Center at Augsburg University. The Anne Pederson Women’s Resource Center offers services and programming specifically for women but is a space that is open to anyone—whether or not you’re a woman, whether or not you’re a feminist, and whether or not you take Women’s Studies classes.  

Augsburg's SMART appreciates any amount you are able to give to both help educate allies and serve survivors.

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