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Augsburg Chemistry Student Research
Fundraiser for Augsburg University

Augsburg Chemistry Student Research Chemistry Department is raising money for Augsburg University.

Passion for research can yield amazing discoveries. Join our endeavor and Give to the Max!

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Why study Chemistry?

Chemistry is the science that examines and works toward understanding changes in matter. Chemistry has been described as the central science because matter includes the entire physical world, such as the things we use, the food we eat, and even ourselves. Correlating the insights of chemistry with physics, mathematics, and molecular biology opens vistas that excite and offer opportunities to better the entire world.

“As a first generation college student unsure of what I wanted to study, the Chemistry Department offered me the oportunity to do research with Dr. Michael Wentzel and Dr. Vivian Feng on flow chemistry. I have been able to present my work at a multitude of conferences all around the U.S., and hope to publish soon. This experience has inspired me to pursue my doctorate in chemistry." 

-Alan Medina-Gonzalez Class of 2016

Your gift can make a difference for current and future Chemistry majors. Help us raise money to support undergraduate research. Please consider donating on Give to the Max Day!

Thank you!

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