TuckUnder Projects Pavilion 2016
Fundraiser for Springboard for the Arts

TuckUnder Projects Pavilion 2016 Pete is raising money for Springboard for the Arts.

TuckUnder Projects Pavilion 2016!

TuckUnder Projects needs your help for its new off-site Pavilion Generator, and its sixth year of interior and exterior art exhibit programming including five solo TuckUnder platform exhibits, five Leaky Sink Gallery exhibits, and Raspberry Patch Residency that engage the local community with under recognized local and regional emerging artists and curators working in visual arts, video, multimedia, site specific sculpture and installation thru late Fall 2017.

TuckUnder is an independent artist exhibition space and sculpture site located within the Fulton neighborhood of Southwest Minneapolis.  As an alternative, hybridic home-based contemporary gallery, TuckUnder specializes in unrecognized emerging artists and curatorial collaborators, tactical institutional critique, participatory initiatives and conceptual curatorial projects. Artistic quality at TuckUnder is based upon artist’s tactical aesthetics, participatory exchange, and conceptual fortitude rather than traditionally conservative art fair and gallery criteria. 

TuckUnder gives control to artists and curators in what they choose to produce and exhibit. As an activist creative startup and non-commercial site, it has been funded within the economy of the artist household. Its success is not grounded in sales, press or conventional measures set forth by the international art apparatus, but by the individual criteria set forth by the artists, curators and their exhibits. TuckUnder engages ideas of artistic process and studio practice rather than institutional art distribution. We consider our visual artists, curators and collaborators to be partners and co-creators working in a larger ecosystem of visual cultural production.  

Artistically, TuckUnder Projects is a visual conduit for artist careers, and engages artists and communities that have historically been separate. Participatory in nature, TuckUnder aims to stretch the quality and abilities of under recognized artists and curators who would not otherwise have an opportunity to have or curate an exhibit, or to develop a site specific installation or sculpture. TuckUnder seeks emerging artists who are at turning points in their careers, who have high goals, and who seek to build a significant regional and national reputation with noteworthy museums.  

Rarely are there Mid Century-style homes in any city that offer coevolving project opportunities for artists. TuckUnder will help break the traditional disconnect between museum and gallery status, and art studio and homeownership. TuckUnder offers a fresh blur between art and life, home and studio, home and gallery. As a refreshing twist stimulating new forms of representation, TuckUnder maintains a high degree of intellectual access that challenges assumptions about the meaning of art, presentation and process. TuckUnder upholds a diverse view of artistic interpretation, and maintains a mission of remaining idiosyncratic and separate from sanitized suburban models of nonprofit activity and traditional conservative presentation. 

Thank you for generously sharing with the new TuckUnder Projects Pavilion programming.

We truly appreciate your forward thinking & Giving to the Max 2016!

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