Terry fundraising for Peace Maker Foundation Endowment Fund
Fundraiser for PeaceMaker Minnesota

Terry fundraising for Peace Maker Foundation Endowment Fund Terry is raising money for PeaceMaker Minnesota.

Peace Maker Foundation Endowment Fund will help ensure future generations learn to be peace makers.

Imagine schools where the underlying premise is: treating others with respect having courage to resolve conflict developing the ability to be better listeners developing higher emotional intelligence and mediating among peers. This future can be our reality, if schools are provided with the necessary resources to create safe and productive learning environments for our community's children. We are a federated group representing school violence prevention programs throughout Minnesota. We are a vehicle that people, companies, foundations, governmental units, and other interested organizations can use to strengthen school violence prevention efforts their area. What We Achieved in 2010 The Big Picture 8,088 students took part in bullying prevention programs. 6,898 kids (learned?) conflict resolution skills. 80 school personnel were trained in a curriculum that has proven effective at reducing aggressive behaviors in children. 61 teachers and staff were trained in a bullying prevention program that research has shown reduces bullying in schools. Results in Individual Schools Office referrals reduced by 14%, from 167 to 143 compared to the previous year ? Hilltop Elementary 89% of third graders said that they felt comfortable standing up for a peer that was being verbally teased or harassed ? Echo Park Elementary 92% (66 out of 72) of third graders could list at least things that they could do to calm down when starting to heat up ? Linwood / Monroe Arts Plus School Suspensions dropped from 17 to 1 compared to the year before ? Glacier Hills Elementary 89% of 141 students surveyed reported feeling safe at school ? Avalon Charter School 92% of 545 girls indicated that they had not been bullied a all or less than 2 times in the past couple of months ? Centennial High School What Kids Told Us ?There were less conflicts this year than last, which shows it does work and the students are able to resolve conflicts.? ? Sean, Avalon Charter School ?I feel so good that I don't have to worry about being bullied anymore. I hope the bullying stops forever.? ? Brady, Highview Middle School ?I?ve learned how to show respect to others by helping them when they need help on the playground. I help to comfort people who are hurt.? ? Joe, St. Anne?s School ?I feel confident that if a conflict ever rises in the future, I will have the means of resolving it in a healthy way.? ? Jessica, Lake Park Audubon High School ?I learned that I need to think before I say hurtful words. I learned that just saying words can be as hurtful as getting hit.? ? Alex, Highview Middle School Because all operating costs are paid for with designated resources, 100% of your gift will go to a school. Help us expand our reach so that all schools in the State of Minnesota have the resources to teach kids how to resolve conflicts in a peaceful manner. Thank you for your interest in the Peace Maker Foundation!

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