Team Africa Jam - Running the race for Hope, Unity & Community for Youth
Fundraiser for AFRICA JAM

Helen raising money for AFRICA JAM

Sponsor us to run the Twin Cities Marathon to support Africa Jam children and we will change the lives of many in South Africa!

I was blessed to visit Cape Town, SA in 2006. I saw first hand the difference that Africa Jam has made in the lives of youth there today. Africa Jam' vision is to provide hope, unity and community in the lives of youth regardless of race, culture or socio-economic background by empowering them with knowledge, life skills and providing opportunities to develop and explore their God given talents and thus enhancing the well-being of their schools, community and nation. Africa Jam serves high-school age youth in some of the most economically disadvantaged townships in South Africa's Cape region.

Arts & Education

Africa Jam uses music and fine arts training as a youth development tool and to foster the inherent talents of the young people it serves. It provides regular after-school programs and holiday experiences to provide artistic and educational opportunities as well as valuable life skills education to young people. Through the arts and education program, young people transform their struggle.

You Can Also Be a Fundraiser

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