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SuperGroup raising money for Springboard for the Arts


Dear SuperFriends!

This is the final weekend of performances for PEOPLE I KNOW:, a project we've been working on for the last year and a half. Thanks so much to everyone who has come out to the show so far. If you can't make it to the show but still want to support our work, or if you did see the show and want help us continue to find ways to make our art practice more financially sustainable, a contribution here would be much appreciated.

As always always always, we love that you come experience our work, and more importantly, that you champion and support an ecosystem of live contemporary performance that deepens our connection to our bodies and to one another, challenges our thinking, and brings us together in real time and space. 

Much Love,

Sam, Erin, and Jeff

Final weekend of shows this Wed-Sat (Nov 16-19) at the Red Eye Theater in Minneapolis

Tickets available at

PEOPLE I KNOW: (starring Venus DeMars, Judith Howard, Deborah Jinza Thayer, Mary Moore Easter, Miriam Must, and Derek Phillips) confronts our ideas of self-ness; of how we know a person; of how identities get created, recreated, and discarded. PEOPLE I KNOW: weaves a web of histories, gestures, patterns, and emotions, creating a tension between the chorus and the individual, the visible and the unknown, between the intimate and the peripheral. The performers are at times themselves, each other, or perhaps someone else entirely as the performed material shifts between owned and borrowed. Identities are simultaneously and continuously constructed and disrupted as truth becomes relative. What emerges is the unreliability of our expectations, the malleable boundaries of who we believe we are, and the expanding possibilities of who we might become.

PEOPLE I KNOW: started in late 2015 with SuperGroup (Sam Johnson, Jeffrey Wells, and Erin Search-Wells) creating six distinct solos with each member of the cast. These solos were performed across Minneapolis in Spring 2016 over the course of three months at 4 venues: 9x22 Dance Lab, Public Functionary (PEOPLE I KNOW: at the Gallery), Bryant Lake Bowl (PEOPLE I KNOW: in the Theater), and at the July installment of Future Interstates at the Cowles Center. The premiere of the group version of PEOPLE I KNOW: is a culmination of these solos: altered, fragmented, recontextualized, and combined to create an interdisciplinary performance that questions how we know we know who we know.

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